Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thursday Thirteen #216

Thirteen Changes You Can Expect With Age

According to the good people at WebMD, here are 13 things that will likely happen to each of us as we become senior citizens. No wonder my TT banner lady looks horrified!

1) Skin becomes less elastic and wrinkles more easily.
2) Nails grow more slowly.
3) The hair on your head gradually thins.
4) By age 80, it's normal to lose 2" in height.
5) You're likely to need reading glasses.
6) Night vision frequently loses its clarity.
7) You may not sleep as much, or as deeply, as you did when you were younger.
8) Bones get less dense, and therefore less strong.
9) You may have trouble recalling recent memories, as well as names and dates.
10) You may suffer a gradual decline in energy and/or endurance.
11) Your lungs become less efficient.
12) Kidneys decline in size and function.
13) High frequency sounds may be harder to hear.

For more about the Thursday 13, 

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  1. Ah, ageing is an annoying thing at times.

  2. Well, aren't you cheerful today :)
    On the plus side, most of us become more mature in thoughts and actions too.

  3. Not to mention that men in their 30s (or even 40s) start holding the door for you and calling you "Sir."

  4. I wish it were not so

  5. i am a month away from 67...really it isn't so bad. i have good hair, skin, nails and of course a few extra pounds. the young kids may laugh at us old folks...but really who cares, not me.
    i am having the best time of my life, i don't find things so serious and it is good to laugh at the crazy things i do or say.
    move into your aging graceful...the more you fight it, more wrinkles will appear ha ha. at least this is my story!

  6. Hmmm... Let's see...

    The only ones which really worry me are seven, eight, ten and eleven.

    Otherwise, I'm already experiencing them in some form or another. LOL! Oh, well... What can you do, eh?

    Happy TT!

  7. Actually, I find it easier to read without my glasses. If only I didn't need them for distance... My T13

  8. I had no idea I was already getting so old. It's the short term memory loss.

  9. I noticed most of that by mid-30s. I better start living more if it's not for a long time, it better be for a good time.

  10. Noooo! I don't want to grow old! Noooo! Too late, I'm there. Hope you're not feeling too many aches and pains.

  11. Man, none of these sound good. Sad. Sad. Sad, but aging is better than the alternative. :) Thanks.


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