Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Much Ado about Nothing

The bombing in Boston upset me more than I anticipated it would, probably more than it should have. It's thrown me off my game emotionally and mentally, and it's kept me from blogging because these feelings are not something I want to examine.

Which means I never updated the summons story. I was served with my own summons on Saturday, and I spent the weekend worrying about nothing. It was, in my lawyer's words, "pro forma and expected." The mortgage company has to serve notice to all involved parties and, since my mother is gone, my sisters and I are the remaining involved parties. We have no personal liability. We need take no action.

In short ... YAWN!

I stopped by the lawyer's office Monday morning to drop the packet off and was delighted anew by how pleasant and good looking he is. He's not young, and it's interesting how the gray mixes with his blond hair. And I think it was freshly cut. Sigh.

So Monday I got comforting news from a handsome man, I moved into my new, solo (albeit short term) office, so I should have been happy, right? No, because right after my 2:00 meeting, I heard what happened in Boston.

I was actually kind of frightened to take the el home on Monday night because it runs over the Chicago River. Because if I was a terrorist trying to destroy Chicago, that's where I'd hit. I hate that my mind went there. 

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  1. I'm glad it was nothing to worry about. But the formality of a summons and legal jargon is freaky.

    And a handsome lawyer? Thank you!

  2. i refuse to be fearful of anything..other than stepping on a snake! ha ha
    really i won't give into the craziness of these jerks...i know i am not in control of anyone other then myself and i am going to be happy and trust in God to keep me safe.
    so happy to hear the news about the summons...stupid it is all so stupid!

  3. Anonymous6:15 PM

    I'm glad that the summons turned out to be nothing, at least that's one thing off your mind.

  4. You're an empath so it makes sense you'd be FEEEELING all the turmoil around the event (not just the event proper but all the fear that's hanging in the air). In my NL at PI, I gave some suggestions on how to cope with all this. I'll forward a copy to you - maybe it will help bring that part into consciousness (that you're wide open and feeling it all) and to know that you can do some moderating of those empathy skills.

    Love to you


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