Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday Thirteen #216


I just found a blog that was a rich source of facts and stats about that which brings us together.

1) America is home to approximately 31,000,000 bloggers 

2) More men than women blog. It's a 60/40 split.

3) Wordpress and Blogger are the two most popular platforms.

4) Caucasians represent the largest (48%) single blogging ethnicity.

5) It's hard to make a blog pay. More than 80% of bloggers will never make more than $100 from their blog.

6) But 2% earn $150,000/year blogging from exotic locations.

7) More people blog than post. Wordpress estimates that there are 500,000 posts/day but only 400,000 comments.

8) 329,000,000 people view at least one blog each day.

9) 60% of all businesses and corporations have a company blog.

10) 65% of those business haven't updated that company blog in more than a year.

11) Most blogs (66%) are in English.

12) Only 1% of posts are published in Swedish.

13) Successful bloggers -- as defined by those who get the most hits -- explain their content through each post's headline. 

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  1. Great facts on blogging. Interesting.

  2. I think it would be great to make money from a blog. My blog would never do that, but it would be nice if I could find subject matter that would.

    Great stats. Enjoyed it!

  3. so informative thanks

  4. I think it's interesting that more men than women blog! Cause my blog reader is mostly women!
    Thanks for playing :-)

  5. I'd be thrilled to make any money at all as a result of my blog. One day, I might figure out how to do that.

    I could sure use that 25 cents! ;)

    Happy TT!

  6. more americans blogging than there are Canadians.

    80% not making money is comforting. I was feeling rather swamped by the Foodista survey that said the average food blogger has 1,445 Twitter followers? That 37% of food bloggers make at least some money it.

  7. I'm one of the 80% who doesn't make money blogging. I'm just doing it for fun. And I've enjoyed learning about blogging today. Thanks.

  8. It's interesting that more men blog than women when the majority of those I follow are by women, and the majority of comments from women. Of course, the fact that I follow a lot of craft blogs could be a factor there. ;)
    My T13

  9. There we go. One blog post, and one comment post for me today!

  10. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Cool list! Although when I went to the blog you linked, all I saw was stuff about Twitter. Twitter is cool, but blogging is definitely my thing! Not only that, but Tumblr just makes it way more fun to blog.
    I wrote a list of 13 things I'm looking forward to:

  11. Fun facts! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy TT!


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