Saturday, March 23, 2013

Can't shake the blues

Because I'm so upset by the situation with my sisters re: my mother's estate (to make a long story short, everything I do is wrong), I'm having trouble getting joy out of other areas of life. Worse, little things are rocking my world.

For example, The Body Shop closed two nearby locations -- one for good, one for renovation. The nearest shop is now a (Magnificent) mile up the street and will require me to walk 20 minutes up Michigan Avenue! No, don't talk to me about their website. It's still a freaking nightmare. Besides, I want to sample the lotions and potions before I buy.

This should not be shattering. The weather is getting better, and people come from all over the world to walk up Michigan Avenue. And The Body Shop is not the drugstore -- once I stock up and I won't have to keep visiting it over and over.  So why am I so upset?

Because I don't like my life right now.

Oh well, there are good things to report: My vacation is little more than a week away. YEA! I heard from my best friend heard my pleas and is back in regular (OK, nearly constant) contact. My oldest friend has been very supportive. (I owe her an email or two, which is nice instead of it being the other way around -- which would mean she was the one with the blues.) I found a group that meets every month to watch and discuss old movies (I signed up for Mildred Pierce in May). And baseball starts in little more than a week. I'm always happier when I have the Cubs.


  1. I can relate on many levels.

  2. Hopefully the Cubs and spring weather will help boost your mood. Feel better!

  3. you live in chicago! i am going to visit in may :) what should i see?


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