Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why am I laying on the sofa?

I took today off work. It didn't seem worth the commute since we aren't that busy and I'm battling a pernicious headache. Probably the result of my trip to the doctor yesterday. She gave me two vaccinations and an inhaler. That's a big influx of meds into this old bod.

What were the vaccines? A flu shot (a little after the fact, I'd say) and a tetanus shot. So for as crappy as I feel today, I'm grateful that my doctor made the connection between my chronic cough and all the years that have passed between my tetanus shot. For, unbeknownst to me, the tetanus shot is good against more than just protecting me in case I step on a rusty nail at Girl Scout camp. It also helps prevent pertusis! She also gave me an inhaler to use at 8:00 -- both AM and PM.

I've been coughing since I returned from Key West on January 1. That's enough! And hopefully, beginning later today, I'll be better.

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