Saturday, January 19, 2013

This made me happy

Got a call this week, out of the blue, from an old buddy. We used to work together and were very close. But then we got each got new jobs in different parts of the Loop, he got married and moved to the suburbs, and then he had a baby, we just drifted farther and farther apart.

But he's always been a wonderful guy, very genuine and sweet. So when I got the message --  "Wondered where your Christmas card was this year! Missed seeing your kitty-cat card." -- I was glad to hear that he sounded like the same person he's always been. We talked for about half an hour, mostly about the 14-month-old son he completely adores.

I'm also glad that I was so wrong five years ago about his marriage. I'm always sure I know best for the people I care about. This time I most certainly did not. He's very happy and content. Which is just what a guy like him deserves!

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