Saturday, January 05, 2013

Shouldn't have looked

The big estate sale at my mother's house is next Saturday, and so they were supposed to begin promoting it this morning. I checked to see if the ads were up because, well, I'm the executor and a "responsible adult" and that's what I'm supposed to do. But it was hard.

There were my Monkees albums* and my mother's commemorative Kennedy magazines and all those photo frames! My niece's baby picture is still in one of them. I also recognized a lot of her clothes, a large carved cat from Thailand that my uncle had brought home after he left the service back in the 1960s and the tools Grandpa left to my dad.

I should have just checked to see that the ad was up. I didn't have to click through all 113 photos. But it was like probing a cavity with my tongue. I just had to do it. But I must resist doing it again. It's so much more positive to focus on moving forward.

*I thought I took those! Oh well, they're worth more to me for sale at my mom's than they would among all the scratched vinyl records in boxes in my closet.


  1. This kind of letting go is hard, and it hasn't been that long since you lost your mom. I hope you are being very kind to yourself.

  2. praying for good weather and many people to come.
    soon it will be over but of course not forgotten.


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