Saturday, November 10, 2012

MSG is not just Chinese food

Here's a little something new I learned as I navigate the shoals of my mother's estate: MSG = medallion signature guarantee. My local bank, Chase, guaranteed my signature on a document enabling me to take possession of my mother's 65 shares of Met Life stock. It should be worth about $2,000, and if I truly can access it, I come that much closer to closing out her affairs.

It will be two months ago on the 13th that we lost her. I still check my phone every time I come through the front door, hoping to see that she's called. But that will fade. I believe that eventually I'll have happy memories instead of this worry and sadness.


  1. I am quite familiar with ye olde signature guarantee stamp! I was the holder of mine at my brokerage firm. It basically says we vouch for this signature and is also a guarantee of liability if the signature should prove false. Whee!

  2. happy to hear you are getting some relief. give us an update on the house. cleaned out gone?


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