Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I Want Wednesday

I want to unload my mother's house. I'm waiting for my lawyer to call me back and explain exactly how we should word this. But here's the thing -- my mother took out the reverse mortgage on her home, not me. It's not legally my obligation and I want to officially get it off my plate. There are enough things that are my obligation -- mainly, but not exclusively, paying for her funeral -- and I'd like to be able to concentrate on that. Instead, waiting for this call and dealing with the official notification is filling me with tension.

I'd also really like to no longer speak of my mother in financial terms. Or in terms of her illness and death. I'd like to be free to simply remember my mommy.

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  1. I wish I didn't have such trouble posting sometimes, because I just want to offer you a virtual *hug* every day. I hope you can get past all this financial junk soon so you can just be a daughter who is missing her mom. :(


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