Sunday, October 07, 2012

Afternoons in the Park

My cat Reynaldo is pretty fearless and has way too much energy. So this Samsonite pet carrier is a godsend. I can plop him into it, fling the strap over my shoulder and carry him over to the park. It looks like I have an ordinary totebag. This is important because dogs often romp over there. From our spot on the bench, Rey can watch the birds and squirrels and leaves and, yes, dogs, but the dogs don't notice him at all.

We sit there and I read a chapter or two of my book until he begins to get restless (he can turn around in the carrier but can't stand up). Then we walk on home. We have done this two Sundays in a row now and I can tell he enjoys it. He has a swagger in his tail all day and puts out that fearless and completely indestructible vibe.


  1. What a neat idea. Our cats look out the windows and chirp at the birds. Lucky Rey!


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