Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday 9

1. What do you think is the most unique thing about your generation? That there are so many of us, and that we refuse to leave center stage. (I'm a Boomer.)

2. Do you speak out as often as you should? Yes and no. I'm too noisy about some things and too passive about others. When it comes to this, I'm like Mary Todd Lincoln, who once said, "I do the wrong things well."
3. How often are you tough and unreasonable? "Never," she said, smiling modestly.

4. Do you believe that sometimes you learn more from a failure than a success? Yes, unpleasant though that is.

5. Do you feel that you always have to win? Clearly not. After all, I'm a lifelong Cub fan.

6. Do you think tradition matters? Yes. I always surprise myself with how sentimental I can be.

7. Do you tend to root for the underdog? Always. After all, I'm a lifelong Cub fan.

8. Have you ever felt that you want to exceed your parents’ successes? I never looked at it that way. My life is so very different than theirs.

9. Of all the cartoon characters that you know of, which is most like you? Mr. Peabody. I'd love a Wayback Machine.


  1. I'm heavy into certain traditions. Especially with my family.

  2. A wayback machine would be great wouldn't it! :) I think family traditions are important too.

  3. My brother takes my dad to Wrigley for a week every year. This year he surprised him by getting field passes. He sat in the dugout. Here's the pic of them on the field:

  4. Funny, I said Cubs Fan too.

    I just read your post above and I have to tell you, as an ex-psych nurse, one thing I learned was that pretty much everyone working in a Psych hospital is drawn to that kind of a job for a reason. My reason was because psych nurses don't wear uniforms. Unlike the reasons of people like your ex-coworker.

  5. Oh the Wayback machine, I forgot about that. I am all for family traditions too. We contine many old ones and created a few of our own.


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