Friday, July 27, 2012

They're not all millionaires

I just discovered that the average actor in the United States makes an annual salary of between $41,700 and $61,880.

That helps explain an interesting little bit of trivia I came upon about actor Leonard Stone. You know him. He's been on every TV show from Perry Mason in the 1950s to M*A*S*H in the 1970s through LA Law in the 1990s. For me, he will always be Sam Beauregard, father of the Blueberry Girl, Violet Beauregard in the original Willy Wonka movie.

Anyway, in 2000 Leonard Stone was a (non-celebrity) contestant on Wheel of Fortune. He placed second, winning $4,250 in cash and a trip to Bermuda valued at $5,310. To a working actor (not a star) making about $50,000/year, cash and a trip to Bermuda was probably very nice, indeed.

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