Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

Eeyore turned 46 today. I am affectionately exasperated with him. He feels old ... he misses his daughter ... he's swamped at work ... It's how he is.

I fussed over him as best as I could. I got him a terrific gift -- a batch of baked-to-order and personalized Element Bars. I made sure they arrived on Saturday but he waited until today (his actual birthday) to open them with me over the phone (I heard him tearing the tape). I read him his horoscope. I told him I was playing his favorite recording artist, Marcia Ball, in my office in his honor.

I hope the attention made him happy. I completely adore him, and if you can't convey to a person on his birthday how important he is to you, then what's the point?

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  1. What a cool gift! And it's great that he waited until the actual day to open the present. I am not nearly as disciplined.


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