Tuesday, May 29, 2012

But he so clearly wanted to be petted!

The trains were messed up this evening -- there was a fire near the tracks somewhere and all the trains were delayed. Anyway, we were all on the platform for a long time, waiting. And there was this adorable yellow lab, there assisting a woman with a cane.

He was either new to his job or really bored because he kept looking longingly at everyone around him. He wanted to sniff! He wanted to sniff soooo badly! And you could tell that a good, hard head rub would be heaven.

I resisted, but it was hard.


  1. I have two large chocolate ones and they LIVE for sniff and a pat on just about anywhere! My hubby's train wasn't delayed. Must have been your line!

  2. An acquaintance has a shar pei service dog...it was hard not to coo over how cute he is!


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