Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Four stores!

All I needed was a simple silver chain. Just something to hang the new charms -- Bruton Parish church and a tag for Colonial Williamsburg. I figured I'd just buy a necklace, slip off the existing pendant and replace it with mine.

Claire's Boutique -- The clasp fell apart in my hand as I tried to remove the pendant

Old Navy -- Balls on the clasp make it impossible to remove the store-bought pendant

Sears -- The line at checkout was so long I thought I'd scream and so I left the one I'd chosen behind

Nordstrom Rack -- At last! (Cue the heavenly choir.) I had to break the crappy CZ pendant to replace it with my sweet old church, but that's ok because I had no intention of wearing it, anyway. (It was a gaudy little star.) Don't let the Nordstrom name mislead you. It was just over $21 with tax, more expensive certainly than Claire's but on par with Sears. And nicer. And I got out of the store before my hair went gray and my teeth fell out. (Geez, Sears! I tried to support you because you're an iconic American retailer, but yesterday sucked.)

I am happy. I love my souvenir. My talisman! When I finger it, I'll go back to the happy place.


  1. Now that's my kind of token to remember a vacation.

  2. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Maybe you should get a charm holder, then start a charm collection. :) I've seen quite a few people with them lately, I guess they are coming back into style.

  3. Silverthoughts has a neat idea. I love your charm! And the little silver church is nice, too. :)


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