Saturday, March 10, 2012

Self Portrait

I was at the dentist for about two hours this morning. It wasn't so bad. She removed the temporary crown, dug around and cleaned things up, took an impression for the new crown, and replaced the temporary. No big deal, right?

The blue gunk overflowed the impression tray and sat on my skin for a while -- less than 10 minutes while the gunk was hardening. Long enough for it to really irritate my skin. I now have a bright red spot on the philtral column between my nose and lips. I am just soooo happy about this.

Especially because I have a big client presentation Tuesday. The only thing worse than being standing in front of your clients knowing you are a big fat moo-cow is knowing you are a big fat moo-cow with a bright red spot near your mouth.

I am miserable!


  1. Is it wrong I laughed at the photo you used?

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  3. Gah. I hope the irritation has gone down since yesterday. Did the dentist give you any ideas on how to relieve it? Hopefully a little face cream or cortisone... or even some aloe will help ease the discomfort.

    I'm sure it seems much more noticeable to you than it is to anyone else. Hope you're feeling better!


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