Monday, February 06, 2012

I had a dream

Some of my most productive thinking seems to be happening while I'm asleep these days.

First I had a kick-ass, inspirational conversation with my imaginary best friend, Elizabeth Edwards, who shared her secret to resilience -- forgive yourself your past, accept it, and then concentrate on the present. She convinced me that my happy future will come from a focused present.

Then last night I dreamed, strangely enough, of doing floor exercises. Fireplugs*, to be exact. Because of a client conference call I missed my lunchtime workout. But I felt so good in the dream that I made healthier choices at lunch -- egg salad with lots of lettuce from the buffet rather than eggs benedict from the pancake house -- and I have no doubt it will inspire me to work out tonight in front of the TV. I want to feel good again, like I used to, before I became such a moo-cow.

*You know -- you're down on all fours Keeping your right knee bent, you lift it a little off the floor and then lift it to the right without straightening it or changing the level of your hips. Then bring it down slooooowly.

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