Monday, December 19, 2011

Still worried

So my best friend had her date with Archie Bunker. She thinks it went really well. He was funny and told her she has pretty hair and he regaled her with tales of the sports legends (Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Howard Cosell) that he interviewed in his heyday. And he spends his Mondays refurbishing wheel chairs for those in need. All that's good, right?

So why do I want him to dump her ... pronto ... before she gets too attached?

Because I hate his Facebook postings.

I always assume that one's FB is an idealized version of life. It puts your best foot forward. After all, it has none of the anonymity I enjoy with this here blog.

Yesterday, Archie took off after the Westfield Century City shopping center, asking them, "Why do you let over aggressive 'salespeople' harass women at your center?"

Followed by, "When those annoying people at kiosks try to get u to buy something, go to mall management and complain these are trained scammers." To which his son (30, or so, holding two little kids in his lap) replied, "Or walk by them and ignore them and don't waste your limited time on Earth worrying about these things!!!!!! Love you Dad!!!!"

Now this leads me to believe that old Archie has been picking fights with complete strangers for all of his son's life. 

Then Archie posted a photo of the Grinch and said "Nuff said."

My friend's son can be very abusive with her. Yelling at her, destroying things. He is 21 and simply cannot control his rage. Nor will he leave her tiny apartment.

This man, who is perpetually mad -- at Obama, and OWS, and coddled athletes, and (my favorite) angry people -- is certain to upset her when she needs serenity.

I know, I know. All I can do is warn her and worry. It's her life. She has to learn these lessons on her own, no matter how much it hurts to watch.


  1. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Sometimes you can tell a lot about a person by their Facebook page, sometimes you can't. You aren't there, you haven't met Archie Bunker in person so for now, be supportive of your friend (which is different from being supportive of the relationship). He might be a cranky Republican...but one that honestly cares about your friend.

  2. Tricky situation. I'm sure your friend is lonely and the attention is what she needs. Even if it is Archie Bunker.

  3. I agree with Silver thoughts. Status updates are no different than exclaiming something in person.

    This guy sounds like a real dick.

    New reader here, I have followed you :)


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