Thursday, August 04, 2011

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 4

All of you. My readers. Since posting about how gifted I am at growing a cyst and then worrying about it, I have received no less than 13 positive messages from 8 different bloggers. How cool is that? I have appreciated each and every kind word. For one as loquacious as I am in life, and wordy in writing, it's often hard for me to express how much I need support. I do. And I'm so happy to find it here.

Thank you.


  1. so happy you are feeling the "love".

  2. We love you right back. :)

    (And yes, the "all is well" came from you know where. You were right on that one for sure.)

  3. New follower:) I have been great at growing cysts as well and have been under the knife twice. You'll get through it! Think good thoughts and try not to worry much-Jill


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