Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 16

Calendars for Christmas! The Border's Going Out of Business Sale includes 2012 calendars that they are just now putting on the shelves! I got page-a-day's for my friend Mindy (Jeopardy!) and my oldest friend (Film Fanatic's Trivia) and a Beatles wall calendar for my nephew -- who not only is, in his words, "a massive Beatle fan," but is also switching rooms with his older sister soon and will have more wall space going into the new year. That was $46 worth of Christmas presents for $20.40! I'm trying to find ways to economize and so this makes me very happy. After all, I don't want to cut down the quantity or quality of what I put under people's trees this year, just the expense.

And, since I felt ghoulish being so ecstatic about a sale that springs from neighborhood jobs being lost, I took care to make an economical karma-protecting purchase. There was a book about that old standby, Barbara Millicent Rogers (aka Barbie Doll) that came with a real-live fabric tote, made of official Mattel/Barbie-brand fabric (aka the same crap they make Barbie Doll clothes out of). I know that, at 6 or 7, I would have found this staggeringly cool, and I assume another little girl will, too, so I picked it up for my Toys for Tots box. Another smile and happy holiday memory for someone for just $2.40!

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  1. Anonymous12:34 AM

    I've got a Border's problem. I go by every few days and find more stuff I need to bring home. So far the husband hasn't complained, but really, he should. I'm out of control!


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