Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sometimes he makes me want to cry

Look what I got home to last night. My cat Reynaldo objected to my late hours and acted out.


  1. Kira got into our cookie stash and ate a batch of cookies and a tray of candies my mother made the other night.

  2. I think he's a passive aggressive cat. Just sayin'....

  3. separation anxiety...i think!

  4. Look at it this way: I have a friend who, if she doesn't get out of bed at 5am to feed her cat, said cat takes a whizz on her feet. So, could be worse. I think about that when Lucie is whining at me at 6:15am to get up and feed her. I mean, she could be peeing on me somehow, so meowing is a lot better than that!

    :) (Kitty misses you)


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