Friday, December 31, 2010

It's going too fast

Love my hotel. It's just up the street from Margaritaville, where we had dinner last night. Being a local, my friend endured it with good grace. But being both a tourist and a Jimmy Buffett fan (I don't qualify as a Parrothead, but I do know all the lyrics to "Fins"), I had a wonderful time.

The time is racing by. I am having fun. I haven't been able to reach my oldest friend on the
phone, and I'm still worrying about her. And, of course, John is still on my mind.

But Key West was one of my uncle's favorite places, and in a way, that makes being down here more special and joyous.


  1. Have a wonderful New Year Gal...!!

  2. Looks so pastel and pretty. Have a great New Year! Looking forward to your return.

  3. I hope it's nice and warm and sunny! Just what you need to rejuvenate! Happy New Year's Eve!


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