Friday, December 17, 2010

Gotta give it to her

Something really icky happened yesterday. I can't post about it right now, because I am strenuously channeling my inner Jackie and keep repeating the mantra, "Just put on your sunglasses and keep on going."

But instead of indulging in the bad, let's take a moment to exult in the good. Last night my oldest friend was really there for me. Talking me down, chatting me up, making me laugh. She may not make the wisest decisions about her own life, but you gotta give it to her: she's there when I need her. I told her twice how much I appreciated it last night, and I hope she heard me.


  1. Glad you had someone to talk through the ick with. Hope today's better.

  2. You know a person is a good friend when you can call them in tears and they'll not only think nothing less of you-but make you laugh.

  3. (HUGGS) Glad she was there for you, sweetie.


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