Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello, I love you

Bacon-wrapped, pitted dates. Oh, yum! Devoured a pair of them while out with Kathleen and a friend of hers last night.

These darlings were served at a reception after a very current affairsy event during which everything was discussed from the Cubs' choice of a new manager to the negative tone of recent campaign commercials to whether women are the natural audience for Jackass 3. It made my geeky heart sing.

Got a little pissed at Kathleen, though. And I suppose, she at me. For as the three of us headed up the empty city street to her car, a rather aggressive panhandler approached us. He crossed the street and walked alongside us for more than a block. It was getting out of hand, even as Kathleen was rifling through her purse to give him change, and a pair of Chicago cops appeared on Segways (which are really very neat, by the way) and told us he was fine, and him to keep going.

This bothered me because I have seen police turn a benign blind eye to homeless on many occasions. I'm going to assume that this particular gentlemen was well known to the police for his stick-to-it-iveness.

I told Kathleen she shouldn't have responded to his conversation and certainly should never have opened her purse on a city street like that. She told me that he was a case of "there but for the grace of God" and that she certainly would speak to him and treat him like a human.

Fellow bloggers, you know I respect the humanity of the homeless. But I worry about my friend's open spirit. Especially after Kathleen came through her recent cancer scare with the best possible outcome! How awful if she survived that, only to get mugged! I told her that I wished that since she locked her car when she wasn't in it, she would give as much consideration to the safety of her physical self as she does her stuff.


  1. That's a tough one - on one hand, you have to respect her open heart but on the other, she wasn't being as safe as she could be. Hard to say (for me) because I see it both ways.

    Sometimes, you just have to know what you can't control, you know?

  2. You had me at bacon-wrapped dates...
    Seriously, though, I hope Kathleen doesn't learn the hard way.


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