Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not what he expected

I have been carrying on a Facebook flirtation with a German national who lives England. He approached me with a message about my fondness for vodka -- I have it listed as a hobby, which amuses him.

When we first started chatting, he was all light and rather immature for the 30-something university professor he claims to be, so looked him up to see if he was for real. I found his page on the university's website and found that he is a history/political science professor.

Well! I'm not wasting this golden opportunity to find out how our country is viewed overseas, so I have been peppering him with questions. I still hear from him every evening and I'm learning a lot, but something tells me this isn't the breezy, breathless exchange he was expecting when he friended me.


  1. Have fun picking his brain!

  2. I hope you'll post what you learn!

  3. Chatting with random people on the internet is fun.


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