Thursday, July 15, 2010

My world is righting itself

The Cubs are back from the All-Star break and beating the Phils decisively. The bats are finally awake, making this is a game that's been worth waiting almost a week for!

And, even though it hasn't been a full week since my last vein treatment, I gave up on the support hose. It was over 90ยบ again today and I simply cannot bear all that compression in this weather. It made everything feel just suckier than it was.

And, while I know it's not forever, it still makes me happy to look at that live feed and check on how that seal is holding in the Gulf (see below). That spill and its impact bave been on my mind so much!

And work is suddenly going more smoothly. I don't know what's going on to make it better, but I'm not questioning or examining it too closely. I'm just going to ride with the tide and go with the flow.

And I spoke to Kathleen last night. She still has no real news about her condition or treatment, but her mood has improved. She's thinking about things like the impact the meds will have on her hair, and whether she'll have to reschedule her vacation with her husband and kids -- which is far more positive than worrying about death!

And she gave me her permission to discuss her condition with my best friend. So I did. I felt bad about burdening him with the bad news, but I knew he'd want to be told about it. Plus, from a purely selfish POV, it was a relief to discuss her condition with someone who cares about her as much as I do. These calls, from and about Kathleen, were more uplifting than they sound.


  1. What a great post! Sounds like everything is on an upswing! You deserve lots of good things.

  2. I've been feeling really positive and happy lately too, it's such a great feeling.


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