Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Queen's Meme -- The "ex" files

My queen can be quite the despot, so make her happy and do the meme.

When is the last time someone did something
EXtra-special for you? My 10-year-old nephew made my birthday card. He had to find the right Cubs image (an autographed Mark Grace baseball card) and upload it into a card of his own design. He was very proud of his accomplishment, and it made me very happy.

2. Name one EXciting thing that happens in your life daily. I go to work 5 days a week in Chicago, the best city ever. I commute past the Chicago River and can see Millennium Park from my office window and Lake Michigan from the art department.

3. Tell us the good, the bad and the uglies of your online EXperiences. Good: the support I have received from the blogosphere. Always unexpected and always appreciated. You know who you are, and I thank you. Bad: Ages ago, when both the Internet and I were younger, I was in an AOL chatroom and someone sent me a photo of some very weird, twisted shit. Ugliest: People of Walmart.

4. What makes an ordinary day EXtraordinary and EXceptional? Hearing from my best friend.

5. Name one embarrassing incident you had to EXplain to your mother when you were a child. One spring, when I was very young and very bored by having to take a nap in the afternoon, I cut my lip. I took a catnip bunny, placed the bell in my mouth and pulled it back as far the elastic would allow and then let it snap back. I got blood all over, and unfortunately, my poor cat lost his bunny in the process. (Hey! Didn't you get bored when trapped in your bed for an afternoon nap?)

6. If you could FedEX yourself anywhere in the world, where would you go? Atlanta. I can look up and see a postcard of the grounds of the spa I went to last spring and it looks very inviting.

7. Who would you like to EXray and why? My heart. I wonder if it's really as strong (in every sense of the word) as I demand it be.


  1. Ohhh...I remember that spa post of yours. I was so envious. I'll be in that neighborhood in a few months. That sounds heavenly. Of course, so does underground shopping.

    It seems that both of us got in trouble trying NOT to take a nap.

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  3. You have a very strong heart (and an amazing one as well). Xray it all you want but you have to really just KNOW it.


  4. I'm still convinced that all those "people of Walmart" people really came from here in "Redneck Hell". I could take pics here at ours and outdo anything currently uploaded in just 30 minutes and never leave town. Skeery!


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