Thursday, November 05, 2009

Not today! Not ever!

My Peace Globe celebrates The Blog Blast for Peace by imagining a world without gun violence. Meanwhile the horrifying scene at Fort Hood was unfolding:

• Twelve people killed and 31 wounded
• Injured gunman identified as Nidal Malik Hasan
• He was a psychiatrist, worked at Walter Reed
• Military earlier said gunman died

Too ugly, too awful, and just wrong.


  1. The irony. Oh it's horrible.
    And still we blog peace.

    Prayers for the families and victims.

  2. I can't believe this happened on Peace Globe day. But then no day is a good day for this kind of thing to happen.

  3. The tighter our military is stretched, the more often something of this nature is going to happen. It is so very sad and doesn't have to be this way.

    And, as Mimi said, "and still we blog peace."

  4. After tragedy comes the response. Will we respond beyond tightening security, etc., and take real action for the spiritual price our country pays for war/violence?
    "And still we blog peace."

  5. This is just tragic. And avoidable.


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