Saturday, November 14, 2009

I need me some corn

I am a connoisseur of corn. When the days grow shorter and winds blow colder, there's only one corny dish I want: Andy Williams. He always sounds so smooth and controlled and easy going. His voice means the holidays to me. Since I realize it's too early for carols, I downloaded some non-Christmas-specific Andy: "Can't Get Used to Losing You," "Butterfly," "Dear Heart" and, of course, "Moon River."

I have errands to do today, and I'm worried anew about my job. On days like this, I needs me some Andy. I just do.


  1. It's not too early for carols! I love holiday music and listen to it whenever the mood strikes.

  2. Andy is cool, you'd really be sinking in the corn if it was Pat Boone.

    Just two more weeks until it's endless carol time.

  3. Never heard of this singer before, I will go check him out :)...

  4. Hi! I found you on The Bumbles blog and I really like yours. Been checking out a few posts and it looks as if we have a lot of the same likes in music, movies, etc.

    I love Andy Williams! and his "Can't Get Used to Losing You" is probably my favorite, even more than "Moon River". Love that catchy little Mersey beat. I have his greatest hits album and used to listen to it over and over when I was a teenager. Thanks for the memories!


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