Sunday, September 27, 2009

Words of wisdom from the eternal Golden Boy

Redford's missive from the Fall 2009 Sundance Catalog:

We've all heard how as one ages, the time around us moves faster.

Aging has signs. One moment you're fit, you dance, you make love, you bike, you ride, you ski. And then you begin to find yourself drooling. You get in your car and put your room key in the ignition. Your rage doesn't start the car.

And so it all seems like yesterday.

The catalog seed that was sown 20 years ago was a seed with no real sureness that it would blossom forth. But it has.* It has aged gracefully. And with a new and exciting line of design and purchasing talent we are moving to a new feeling and look. I hope you enjoy our new growth.

As for me -- Where did I put my keys?

*Thanks in no small part to the Gal's consistent support.

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