Friday, June 26, 2009

It cuts like a knife. He's out of our lives.

Michael Jackson died yesterday. But in a way, he died for me years ago. Disappearing noses … alabaster skin … Neverland Ranch … Baby dangling … Slipping in and out of limos while wearing a surgical mask … most disturbingly, the sleepovers with little boys. It was like deja Elvis, only slower and more grotesque.

But how I loved his music! That's the Michael I followed for decades. That's the Michael on my iPod. That's the Michael I both mourn and celebrate.

I Want You Back
Stop! The Love You Save
I'll Be There
Got to Be There
I Wanna Be Where You Are*
Rock with You
The Way You Make Me Feel
Billie Jean
Beat It
Black or White
The Man in the Mirror

And, most fittingly, Gone Too Soon.

*I love to sing along with him when I'm all alone.


  1. Good point, Gal. I left my MJ interest behind when he started imploding right before our eyes. Loved the music, though (esp the "Off the Wall" and "Thriller" albums) and have several on my Ipod. ("Wanna be starting something" never fails to get me dancing.)

    I cannot imagine the pain he was in (emo, physical, etc etc) and I hope that he is at peace.

  2. Very well put. I couldn't agree more.


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