Saturday, May 02, 2009

Enjoying the moment

Right now, at this very moment, I am happy.

• I had my session with my personal trainer. While it was tough, it wasn't as bad as last week and now that it's behind me and I'm showered and fresh, I'm so grateful for the exertion.

• Cubs are on the verge of 2 in a row over the Marlins. I'm watching Ryan Theriot at bat, and my every thought about him is impure.

• The sun is out and the sky is blue.

• I love my Brueggar's Smoked Salmon Softwich -- and I have been reassured by the Daily Plate that I can enjoy it without guilt because I'm still within my daily caloric limits.

Life is good, is it not? I want to just relax and enjoy it.

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  1. Impure thoughts, huh? I think I'll try to find the game on TV. ahem...


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