Monday, April 20, 2009


Thank you, Kwizgiver ...

7 Things That Scare Me
1. squirrels
2. clowns
3. flying
4. being alone in an elevator (from the movie Dressed to Kill)
5. sudden noises late at night
6. waiting for test results
7. bees (I'm allergic to bee stings)

7 Things I Like
1. cats
2. Cubs baseball
3. cheeseburgers
4. potato chips
5. the morning paper
6. hot stone massages
7. shades of blue

7 Things I hate
1. THIS COLD!!!!
2. laundry
3. hot weather
4. having my picture taken
5. the sound of cardboard scraping against itself (think of folding a new moving box)
6. waiting in line at the post office
7. any itch I can't scratch (literal and metaphorical)

7 Things In My Room
1. bed
2. clothes hamper
3. TV
4. armoire
5. my very own Robert the Doll
6. makeup
7. lotsa magazines

7 Things About Me
1. I have a cold
2. I find humor in most things
3. I like my nose (when it's not stuffed up)
4. I love going to the movies
5. I love old black and white movies
6. I can be very sentimental
7. I am fascinated by our First Ladies

7 Things To Do Before I Die
1. see more of the US
2. redecorate this condo
3. pay off this condo
4. lose weight
5. get those varicose veins treated
6. find my perfect handbag
7. see the Cubs in the World Series

7 Things I Can Do
1. wiggle my ear
2. listen
3. think fast on my feet
4. recite all the lyrics to "American Pie" (all 20 verses)
5. remove stains
6. hem slacks/sleeves (important when you're 5'2)
7. easily get along with kids and critters

7 Things I Can't Do
1. paint
2. stay organized
3. sing
4. blow dry the back of my hair like Tony does
5. drive
6. grow my fingernails long
7. math

7 Favorite Movies
1. The Way We Were
2. The Godfather
3. My Man Godfrey
4. A Hard Day's Night
5. Gone with the Wind
6. Holiday
7. Die Hard

7 Things You Say The Most
1. The thing of it is
2. What the fuck?
3. Rey! (My cat, Reynaldo, is the feline version of Marley)
4. I'm sorry, but ...
5. It's an infinite universe
6. I could -- if I were someone else entirely
7. Cool

7 Favorite Songs
1. I Will by the Beatles
2. Why Haven't I Heard from You? by Reba McIntyre
3. River by James Taylor
4. My Brave Face by Paul McCartney
5. September by Earth, Wind & Fire
6. More than You Know by Barbra Streisand
7. What a Fool Believes by the Doobie Bros.

If you play, too, let me know so I can compare answers.


  1. I'm borrowing this one!

  2. All 20 verses of American Pie??? I'm duly impressed!!!

  3. Enjoyed that! I love to sing American Pie. At my 2nd wedding reception my bride and I led the entire room. Hope your cold gets better...

  4. I played! (It's part of my Wednesday 100 series so technically, I'm cheating.)

    I love these kinds of things because they give you a quick snapshot of the person (in this case, you!)


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