Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy 80th Anniversary

On Valentine's Day, 1929, it was snowy and cold in Chicago. Al Capone said he was in Florida that week to escape the bad weather. The police believed he traveled south to establish an alibi for what became the biggest event of his criminal career, The St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

This is Highball, the only survivor of the Massacre. Highball belonged to John May, a mechanic who did jobs for the Moran Gang and quite literally lost his head that day. Police heard Highball howling from under one of the beer trucks. The killers knew he was there but they spared him. I find that fascinating. They fired seventy machine-gun bullets and two shotgun blasts into 7 men -- at close range. Yet they didn't touch this dog, leaving him tied up to plaintively howl and bring the police to the garage.

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  1. I always think about the Massacre on Valentine's Day. I didn't know about the dog. Fascinating!


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