Saturday, January 31, 2009

Suddenly it doesn't seem like such a happy miracle

The California woman who gave birth to eight babies this week -- while "only" expecting seven -- already had six kids. She has no husband, and the kids have no father -- neither legally nor biologically. All 14 of these children resulted from in-vitro. I'll leave it to others to oooh and aah over this medical miracle. Her situation confuses, appalls and depresses me.

It took a team of 46 to deliver the octuplets. Who paid for it? This woman and her family have had their share of financial problems, having abandoned a home and filed for bankruptcy recently.

What clinic would implant embryos inside a woman who already has 6 kids, all under the age of 8? Wasn't her doctor concerned about whether the woman can provide care for all these children? With so many babies -- all of whom had low birth weights, which places them at risk for serious problems ranging from lung disease to stroke to cerebral palsy -- can she see that they all get proper medical attention over the long haul?

It's easy to say that she never should have had these kids. But she did. Whose responsibility is it to see that they have a healthy, safe future? Of course it is primarily it's up to her, but I cannot possibly be the only one who questions her judgment. These helpless babies didn't ask to be born, and now that they're here, can we as a society turn our backs on them?

My biggest question -- why didn't she just adopt? If she had a burning desire to be a mother, if she has the love to give, why not lavish it on a child who is already here and in the foster care system? I live next door to a children's home and right now can see two kids, both of whom I'll wager are under 10, giving one another rides through the snow in a neon green saucer. These two are already here, I can see their breath as they play and laugh. Why not give ONE of these youngsters a forever home, instead of bringing FOURTEEN more into the world?



  1. WOW. I did not know the background or circumstances. I can't judge her circumstances or reasons but certainly it is a bit confusing, though, I'm not in her shoes and wouldn't venture a guess what she is thinking. You raise some interesting questions...I doubt the clinic (experimental?) thought twice about the after-consequences...but I'm sure there has to be more to this woman's background than what the media wants us to oogle over. The price of fame...and the PRICE of fame.

  2. When I read about her circumstances I wondered about the ethics involved in the whole medical mess. I completely agree with what you're saying here.

  3. Anonymous8:16 PM

    i agree....God has plans for our lives...however, we do mess up and she did.
    I feel sorry for the children. Doesn't she realize she will never give them much if any one on one time.
    Shame on her!!!
    Greed, plain & simple.

  4. As far as the ethics involved in implanting 8 embryos - there have been numerous experts quoted as saying that no doctor should ever implant that many, and that it goes against regulations.

    My theory? I think she went to Mexico to have the procedure done.

  5. I agree with you. what was she thinking? It's unbelievable.

  6. Where can I join in with my rants and raves about this?

    Let's see, some of my questions are:

    Will there be a bunch of right to lifers signing up to help her out? B/c even her own mother is leaving dodge.

    Her doctor??? Where the hell is the ethics board of the hospital in all of this? Did you know that in some countries of Europe, there is no choice to carry more than 3 embryos.

    How about the special education services that all of these children will cost the state of California.

    And where the heck did she get the money to do this in the first place?


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