Thursday, August 07, 2008

DAY 7 -- August Happiness Challenge

I had dinner tonight with my old friend, Mindy. We've known each other since 1979. Tonight she wanted to discuss her sister's tragic illness. I was sorry to hear it, for I've known her sister for years, too. Naturally, that's not my happiness moment.

Today's happiness is the gift of long-standing friendships. Mindy and I have suffered through boy trouble, celebrated her marriage with me as her bridesmaid, we saw our first Bruce Springsteen concert together, we watched Prince Charles marry that kindergarten teacher together from a motel room near Disneyland, we mourned our fathers together, welcomed her sons, have been through career upheavals and promotions together … What brought us together tonight is very sad. But the history we have shared, the easy rapport we have enjoyed since we met decades ago, THAT is what I highlight because it brought me happiness today.

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  1. Thank God for lifelong friends. I've been friends with my best friend since 1991, more than half my life. I moved halfway across the country to live near her three years ago and be "Aunt Tina" to her little girl. It's the history and the compatibility that make our friendship one of the top three relationships in my life. The other two are my husband and my mom.


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