Sunday, October 28, 2007

A good kid

We've all been wringing our hands lately over my niece. Yes, she lied herself into a stupid, unsavory and potentially damaging situation at school. And no, she still doesn't understand all the implications of her actions. But she and her parents are going to counseling, and she is sorry she caused us all (especially her dad) so much pain.

But I'm done with the hand wringing because I know she's a good kid. We spoke on the phone today and the high school freshman/social butterfly filled me in on her social activities this past week and the upcoming week.

She spent her day off ("teachers' institute") with classmates, going to the post-office, supermarket and drugstore for the elderly. She prepared meals for the homeless. She's thrilled that this weekend they're having a "Halloween Lockdown" in the church basement -- a costume party that will run until after midnight, then the kids from her church group will spend the night in sleeping bags. She believes their pastor is the greatest guy ever!

Oh, and she's on the honor roll, as she has been every quarter since she was in 7th grade.

This is not a bad 14-year-old girl. A confused one, perhaps, but not a bad one. I love her so I'm still concerned, but I'm also proud of her.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that she and her family (including you!) are working through this, and it looks like things are going to be OK!

  2. I love to hear you talk about your neice with such love and adoration! She does sound like a wonderful girl and she will do okay with loved ones around that care so much about her. Just keep her close. See ya.

  3. It's very good that she has family around her and that she is close to you all. It does sound like she's doing all the right things, but she is at a very impressionable age.
    Big Time Drama is a common every day thing. I have been through a similar experience. I can tell you that time and maturity will help. Hang in there!


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