Saturday, February 22, 2020

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Buttons & Bows (1948)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) The lyrics extol the beauty of "rings and things and buttons and bows." When you're getting dressed, do you give much thought to accessorizing? I'm not much for scarves and belts, but I do enjoy jewelry. I always wear earrings when I go out. Usually a necklace. Never bracelets but often a watch. I enjoy watches. That's one thing I don't like about advancements in technology; there's not a lot of style or originality in a FitBit!

2) Dinah Shore sings that she doesn't want to live where the cactus hurts her toes. Sam can sympathize, as she has a blister on one of her toes from where her winter boots rub. Do you have any aches and pains to report this morning? Nope. I feel pretty good this morning.

3) Dinah was such a popular entertainer that people were surprised to learn she earned a degree in sociology from Vanderbilt University. What is something we'd be surprised to know about you? I can be pretty macabre. One of my favorite shows is Autopsy: The Last Hours of ... . My oldest friend is even worse; she's never seen a vampire movie or mob story she doesn't like. We've been friends since Kindergarten. I wonder if it's something in the water in the town where we grew up.

4) Dinah's was the best selling version of this song, which was introduced by Bob Hope in the movie The Paleface. Hope had success early in his career as a song-and-dance man on Broadway. Are you better at telling jokes, singing or dancing? I laugh easily and I like jokes. Here's the first one that comes to mind. (It's been credited to Paul Lynde on The Hollywood Squares.)

How many balls on a regulation billiard table?

Depends on how many men are sitting on it.

5) Both Bob and Dinah donated their time to entertaining the troops in WWII. It was during a USO tour that Dinah met and fell in love with actor George Montgomery, who was serving in the Air Force. They were married for 20 years and had two children. Their daughter followed her parents into show business and became an actress. If a young person asked you for career advice, what would you tell them? Consider geography when you choose a career. I've had friends who left Chicago for their dream locations only to find it wasn't so easy to get jobs in their professions.

•  A friend with experience in financial marketing moved to Denver, a city where few banks have headquarters. He was unemployed for a long, long time.
•  My oldest friend, a hospital administrator specializing in cardiology, longed to live near her family in Hesperia, California. The nearest job she could get was in Topanga, almost two hours away. 
•  My friend Henry, a college professor, moved to Key West, which has just one institute of higher learning. When things didn't work out at the community college, he ended up in lower paid jobs at the newspaper and the public library.

In short, if you long to teach surfing, don't move to the desert.

6) Dinah was an avid golfer and even sponsored an LPGA tournament. She was also an excellent cook who hosted TV cooking segments. Which would you find more relaxing -- an afternoon on the golf course or in the kitchen? Ew, this is hard because neither one sounds attractive to me. I suppose golf, if I'm with people who don't take it too seriously because, except for putt-putt, I've never tried it.

7) In 1948, the year this record was a hit, Scrabble was introduced. Do you prefer word games, card games, board games or jigsaw puzzles? Card games, especially Canasta.

8) Also in 1948, LPs (33 1/3 rpm records) were introduced. Do you have any vinyl records in your home? Lots. I don't know why, since I have nothing to play them on.

9) Random question -- Which of these would you consider the greatest insult: to be called boring, untrustworthy or stupid? Untrustworthy. I know I'm neither boring nor stupid.


  1. That's great job advice. I sit here in rural southwestern Virginia when I should be in NY or someplace where one could actually make a living writing, although the Internet has made that a smidge easier. I enjoyed your previous post about your grandmother's cookbook. That is really special. And I'm glad you're feeling better.

  2. I am gonna add "In short, if you want long to teach surfing, don't move to the desert." as a Law of Life. Perfect!

  3. Yup, good job advice. People want it all I think and I don't blame them, but you have to go where the work is.

  4. I agree with you on #5, but there is something exciting about picking up and moving away...when you are young anyway. I decided to move to the city at one point...but I got a job first and then I moved. I didn't stay, but I do not regret it. I cannot imagine moving with no job in place.
    Well, we have a Spring Training game today! It is at noon, I am so excited. My husband does not like to watch Spring Training, but I do. We already have guys hurt. UGH. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  5. Yes, location is important. I could do my job anywhere, but some jobs ...

  6. The only golf that I like is miniature golf which is somewhat like putt-putt.

  7. Great advice about location. I'll have to add that into the advice I give my students. Thank you for introducing me to Autopsy!

  8. I used to absolutely love Paul Lynde on Hollywood Squares! I don't remember that particular joke, though. Yep, good advice about location.

  9. Good answers today. We agree on several things. I don't think my DISH gets REELZ. Autopsy sounds like something I would enjoy!