Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Dinner

We went to The Harbourview Cafe, one of the restaurants at the posh Pier House Resort and Spa. To get to the dining area, we passed a sweet little pond of fish and turtles. I enjoyed seeing them immensely and consider them our dining companions.

I had lobster macaroni and cheese and little crab sandwiches. The food was delicious and the views were awesome.

My friends shared some important news with me: after 25 years together, they have decided to marry! (Of course, until this year they'd been denied the right to marry.) And this year, after all the health problems and money trouble, they are still going strong. After dinner I impulsively rolled up my jeans and ran into the Atlantic. It was a lovely Christmas.


  1. Congratulations to your friends!

  2. How wonderful they can celebrate their commitment to each other by getting married!

    And how I envy your dip in the ocean. It has been frigid here this week. Brrrrr.


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