Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday 9

1) Sam has affection for this song because, when she was very young, she tap-danced to it for a Christmas recital. Her parents told her she was wonderful. Do you have any memories from a school/church program or pageant -- either as a child onstage or an adult in the audience? I have no memory of this, but my parents and uncle teased me about it for years afterward: For a Sunday School Christmas recital, I wore a white choir robe with black collar and looked quite angelic. First the little girls in our class sang a song, then we were told to "smile quietly" while the boys sang their carol. I did just that … after hiking my choir robe way up and sitting down, "Indian style." Hey! My teacher should have told us to "continue standing and smile quietly."

2) Ok, she admits it: After too many cups of holiday cheer, Sam did a few steps of her "Jingle Bell Rock" routine at last year's company Christmas party. Have you ever done anything at a coworker gettogether that you now regret? Yes. That's part of why I don't go to company parties any more.

3) Since that unfortunate Christmas 2012 incident, Sam can't even look at a cup of egg nog. How about you? Do you like egg nog? I prefer the spiked to the virgin.

4) For special events, Sam slips on her favorite piece of jewelry: a charm bracelet that once belonged to her grandmother. Do you have a special treasure from a previous generation? I have my favorite Grandpa's heavy ceramic jewelry box. A heavy ceramic cable car. I love it very much.

5) The only Christmas card Sam has received so far in 2013 is from her insurance agent. How about you? Have any holiday cards arrived yet? I have five: my cousin, a friend, a former neighbor who moved to AL, and two local charities I support (a childrens' home and animal shelter).

6) Because of the chill in the air, Sam gave her dog his Christmas gift -- a sweater -- early this year. He's already gotten compliments on it. Are there any pets on your gift list? Yes. But not my own. I'm spending Christmas with my friends in the Keys and I think I'll bring something along for their two dogs and very cranky cat. My young nephew is very into his family's pets (two cats and a turtle), so I'll have a little something for them, too. The only kiwi I buy all year is for that turtle.

7) Do you need snow to get "into the spirit?" It helps.

8) Are you going to get/have you gotten a flu shot this year? I intend to and I should. It's just with my allergies, I have to get the preservative-free formula and the local drugstore is often out of it.
Let's get her indoors!

9) December is an important fundraising month for charities. Here's your chance to plug a worthy cause that means a lot to you. As I write this, it's snowing outside and my cat, Joey, is snuggled against me, his old bones safe and dry and warm. On mornings like this, I realize that he wouldn't be alive now if not for the loving care of humans. Feral cats seldom make it past age 8 years old, and here's my darling Joe clocking in at 14! Which is all my long winded way of saying, go to and support a local animal shelter. They need our support so they can rescue dogs and cats from the challenging winter weather!


  1. There has been a kitty spotted outside, I think it's hiding in garages, but I've left food out and tried to catch it to bring it inside. The food is gone every morning, but I haven't seen it in a while. I think my neighbors cat is coming over and eating it. I'm on the lookout..
    Christmas in the Keys? I'm jealous! Enjoy :)

  2. Anonymous9:24 AM

    There's nothing that beats cuddling up with a warm pet on a cold, snowy day!

  3. I am also jealous of Christmas in the Keys as I sit here watching the snow come down.

  4. I too am jealous of you going to the Keys, I so want to be where its warm this Christmas season!!

  5. Hahahah now I want to hear the company party story! :)

  6. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Yes, I too want to hear the company party story! :)

    Thanks for writing about Petfinder. I didn't know that existed but it looks like a great way to help out.

  7. I love that you have a company party story! Our parties are always so boring and tame.

  8. Good one on the charity.

  9. We volunteer at our local shelter.

  10. We got plenty of snow help today- in the form of about 6 inches. Luckily, it's starting to melt

  11. Loved your post. Your cat is beautiful! Great charity(ies) to support. You're in the Keys?! Dude!! I wanna meet you. :D

    Love that you have Grandpa's heavy jewelry box. Awesome.


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