Saturday, August 17, 2019


Bryzzo used to be a sure thing
Of the last 10 games, the Cubs have lost 7. How can that be? How can a team that has Bryzzo, Baez, and Contreras as their Core Four be unable to score runs? Because Contreras is on the Injured List and Baez has the flu. Oh yeah, and our bullpen keeps giving games away in the 9th.

I am not enjoying this. It's not that losing, in and of itself, bothers me so much. Yes, this millennium has been good in Wrigleyville -- since 2000, we've made the playoffs seven times. But before that? Everyone knows of our century-long World Series drought, and that didn't diminish my passion for the team.

I'm upset because I love these guys, and I'm afraid if they don't go deep into the post-season, baseball wunderkind Theo Epstein will back up the truck and start unloading of players. I hate that thought.

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