Friday, September 07, 2018

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Gotta Travel On (1959)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, the Billy Grammer sings that "summer's almost gone, winter's coming on." When you look out your window, do you see any evidence that the seasons are changing? Nope. Though it feels cooler, it still looks very much like summer.

2) He admits he has laid around and played around for too long. Do you consider lazy days to be wasted days? Depends. On the one hand, they rejuvenate me. On the other hand, if there's something productive I should be doing, lazy days can leave me feeling guilty.

3) Billy relaxed by fishing. Tell us about a visit you made to a pier, or a ride you took on a boat, this past year. (Bonus points if you went fishing!) No. Now that summer's over, I'm sorry I didn't go out of my way to visit Lake Michigan. I can see it from our office, I've ridden past it en route to Wrigley Field, but I never actually spent any time there this past year. Over Christmas, I have a date with the ocean when I head to Florida for the holiday.

4) Born in 1925, Mr. Grammer was the eldest of 13 children. He and his wife Ruth were childless. What do you think is the ideal size for a family? It depends on how much money and space and time the parents have. I want every baby that's born to be wanted and loved.

5) This song was very popular on juke boxes back in 1959. When were you last in a bar or restaurant that had a juke box? Did you play it? About two weeks ago, I was in a dive bar with a juke box. But everyone was watching the Cub game and no one wanted music.

6) In 1959, movie tickets zoomed up in price to $1.00 and Ben Hur was the big blockbuster. What's the last movie you saw in a theater? Do you remember how much the ticket cost? I saw the latest Jurassic movie. The ticket price was $6.

7) Huckleberry Hound was a hit with the younger audience in 1959. What cartoon did you enjoy as a kid? Rocky and Bullwinkle can still make me laugh.

8) In 1959, continuing dramas (soap operas) were still broadcast each day on the radio. When you turn on the radio, do you listen for talk, news, or music? Music

9) Random question -- Which competition would you rather judge: The Pillsbury Bake Off, The Miss America Pageant, or Dancing with the Stars? The Pillsbury Bake Off! This cranberry-orange roll was the 2018 winner.


  1. I forgot about Bullwinkle! He was a Sunday morning favorite....Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. Classic stuff! Enjoy the day!

  2. How can you be further north than I am and not see signs of autumn? We already have yellowish leaves and that fine golden light you only get on fall days. We had some screwy weather with too much rain and long periods of no rain. It must have really messed with our trees. And I loved Bullwinkle, too!

  3. Oh, and your answer to #4 was perfect. Wish I'd thought to write that. Bravo.

  4. Funny! I forgot about Bullwinkle. Good answer to #4. Now I could go for a trip to Florida at Christmas, but gee, how cool to see Lake Michigan out the window! That roll looks like something I could go for right now.

  5. Hi there! enjoyed your answers. Looks like the bake off is a fav!

  6. I forgot all about Rocky and Bullwinkle... I loved them!
    Did you know many of them are on YouTube for free?

  7. I am not really seeing signs of autumn either. It is so hot! I loved Rocky and Bullwinkle. So much fun. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend!

  8. I also loved Rocky and Bullwinkle! :D

  9. Though Lake Michigan can be stormy, I'd like to swim in fresh water sometime, too. Let's plan for the summer!
    Your answer to #4 was perfect!
    And, another Rocky and Bullwinkle fan.. Yay!

  10. My daughter is on her way to Wrigley to see a concert tonight.
    We had some excitement here this week too. Yay for that :)


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